The Vertical 38 insect screen is ideal for any type of window and is often used in doors, due to its low cost and minimal maintenance requirements. It can be easily adapted to any type of frame. The special add-on profile allows installation even where the shutters’ latch does not leave a lot of room.

It features a Stiff Fiberglass mesh, offering excellent visibility, and high sun and water resistance. The mesh rolls around an axis with the help of a spring, and retracts inside a 3.8cm thick case.

The spring mechanism used to rewind it is made from galvanised, very high-strength material. A speed reducer (brake) is available as an add-on, for increased safety.

It is easy to use and latches at the bottom with adjustable stoppers, with no bottom guide, to ensure a tight fit even when the window frame is not perfectly aligned.

A mesh lock brush can be added on the guides, for increased resistance to strong winds.

Available in:

1. Custom dimensions

2. Rods and accessories for professionals

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Vertically moving screen with automatic return
Manual with spring-return
Recommended application
Windows - Doors
Adjustable hooks
Side-mounted (to house wall)


Required space
≧ 3.8cm
Minimum dimensions
W: 40cm x H: 25cm
Maximum dimensions
W: 230cm x H: 233cm (max. 3.5m2)
Bottom guide height

Aluminium coating

Aluminium coating type
Powder coating; Anodising; Imitation wood
Stock colours
RAL 9010 (white); RAL 8014 (brown); Nussbaum; Golden Oak (Other colours available upon request)


Mesh type
Fiberglass stiff 18x16 Grey
Alternative mesh type
Fiberglass stiff 18x16 Black


Available options
Speed reducer (brake); Hard brush; Mesh Lock windproof brush; Special add-on profile for installation in window frames with shutters

Quality Characteristics

CE marking to EN 13561:2014
Two years from date of product invoice (or receipt)
Low cost; No bottom guide; Flat mesh with excellent visibility; Galvanised spring; Easily adjustable latch; Minimum maintenance
Not practical for doors that are frequently used